About Me

I was in junior high school when I first discovered computers.  Back then, only a very few people owned their very own computer; Apple Computers had just started selling Apple IIs.

When I found out I could play games with them, I began spending every spare moment I could learning how to do so.  I learned the BASIC computer language so I could improve the games and write my own.

I began to enjoy the computers not just for the games, but for the challenge of making the computer work as I wanted it to.

In the late 1980s, I managed to fulfill a dream and purchased my very own computer.  That was the first of many to come.

Before anyone had heard of the internet, I was using the phone lines to connect to Bulletin Board services.  Running one with a friend of mine taught me even more about telecommunications and networking.

I have taken a few college and university courses in computers and programming, but most of my skills are self taught.  With the advent of the internet, so much knowledge is available, often for free.  I’m constantly learning and finding new websites to teach me different technologies.

From building PCs, to programming them, to learning and fixing Windows (all versions), to surfing the internet; I’ve found my passion and joy spending thousands of hours learning how to use technology for fun and profit.

Lately, I’ve been more of a web developer.  In addition to designing and improving web sites, I also make sure the back end coding works.  From HTML to CSS to MySQL and .htaccess files, making a website look good and work well is what I am dedicated to doing.


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